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Several think pieces and reports from Visa Infinite’s “I” magazine, a quarterly corporate publication that ran from late 2004 to early 2006.

A talk with Audi head designer Walter de Silva and Neue Pinakothek design curator Florian Hupfnagel in Munich:

PDF: VISA_Designsummitv2

A think piece on the Sigmund Freud Dream Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia (a truly memorable reporting trip, I might add).

PDF: VISA_Freudmuseum

A report on the work methods of the then-early Leipzig School of painting, focusing on painter Matthias Weischer. The Leipzig School swept the art world for a moment in the mid-2000s.

PDF: VISA_Leipzig_RZ

A dorky little musing on light (this is what happens when a lamp company runs an ad in your magazine)


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