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+43 664 466 9799 (Austria)

I occasionally collaborate with filmmakers on films usually covering the same topics I write about for print publications. My involvement ranges from line production to mere voiceover; although it’s usually me next to the camera interviewing subjects.

Viennacontemporary art fair: Vienna’s art scene, 2018
Roles: Script/voice/interviews, line production. Camera, sound, and editing: Kristina Kulakova.

Viennacontemporary art fair: Vienna’s infrastructure, 2018
Roles: Script/voice/interviews, line production. Camera, sound, and editing: Kristina Kulakova.

Monocle: Artists’ studios in Leipzig’s Spinnerei, 2016

Monocle: Vienna travel guide (this one just my voice, but … was a fun one), 2016

Monocle: Bikini Berlin, 2014

Monocle: Art in Berlin, 2013

In the early 2000s, I was involved in several documentaries for Spiegel TV – including this one on the New York subway system, shot in 2003 (excerpted here). Role: Line producer and interviewer. Director: Ralph Quinke.
In German.

Another was shot in the summer of 2001 and was originally meant to cover celebrity culture. Due to geopolitics this instead became a much longer film called Die Verwundete Stadt (The Wounded City) covering the city before and immediately after the 9/11 attacks.  Role: Line producer and interviewer (note Donald Trump’s appearance). Director: Ira Wilke.
In German.

In addition, I’ve appeared in several art videos that have cropped up in museums and biennials and that people still find every once in a while. And long ago, I was in a music video in Berlin.