A selection of film and podcast work from the past decade


Vienna: art
Script/voice/interviews, line production. Camera, sound, and editing by Kristina Kulakova 

Vienna: infrastructure
Script/voice/interviews, line production. Camera, sound, and editing by Kristina Kulakova 

Artists’ studios in Leipzig’s Spinnerei

Vienna travel guide

Art in Berlin

In the early 2000s, I line-produced several New York-based long-form documentaries for the German broadcaster Spiegel TV. I have also appeared as an actor in several works of video art, which still crop up in exhibitions. And long ago, I was in a music video in Berlin. Don’t blink.


On cold swimming in my new home lake (46:00)

On Reykjavik’s ironclad buildings

On pandemic art in Iceland

On saying goodbye to Tegel Airport

On Viennese moodiness

On Vienna’s response to the refugee crisis

On Austrian painter Egon Schiele

On 1990s drag in New York (45:17)

On Berlin’s Auguststrasse

On going home to Minnesota

And in 2022, I voiced the audio guide of a special tour of Buchenwald concentration camp, focusing on the work of architect Franz Ehrlich.